Dormeur (Sleeper) – Exhibition

Arts & Sciences PROJECTS is pleased to present Dormeur (Sleeper), a site-specific installation by Vincent P., a Paris-based multimedia artist whose work often includes photography, music, performance, and the production and distribution of zines. Vincent P. will also launch Dormeur, his latest zine, at the opening reception.

The exhibition will be on view 14 May – 3 June, 2011.

The project originated by chance one night when the artist’s webcam accidentally snapped a picture of him in a deep state of slumber. Inspired by this serendipitous event, the artist embarked on a journey of unscripted self-portraiture, which yielded over 600 photos of himself in various states of consciousness. Visitors to the exhibit will be invited to take one of the photographs as a souvenir.

Vincent P. has imagined (perhaps in his dreams) all the details of the installation from Paris, never having set foot in the space. Just as his camera snaps pictures at night and draws upon chance, the installation has unanticipated results and is open to possibilities. We too have relinquished control a priori, allowing him to navigate the installation on his own, encouraging the exhibition to unfold unpredictably, like a dream.

Vincent P. was born in 1979 in Paris, where he still lives (and sleeps). He is one of the founding members of Le Gros Monsieur, the enigmatic artist collective based in Paris known for giving away souvenirs. Books and zines published by Le Gros Monsieur are available at Yvon Lambert and Galerie du Jour (Paris) and Printed Matter (New York).

Exhibition Dates and Hours:

14 May – 3 June, 2011

Opening Reception with Vincent P.
Saturday, 14 May, 2011

Arts & Sciences PROJECTS
368 Broadway #409
New York, NY 10013

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Arts and Sciences Projects presented Dormeur (Sleeper) during « New Stand » exhibition at St. Mark’s bookshop. More details here.